Counting on God by Andrew Stenhouse: This is a highly readable account of the working out of Biblical principles of missionary work in South America. Using events and experiences, the author tells of the spread of God's Word and the establishment of Churches in the fertile fields ripe unto harvest. $4.75

The Divine Plan of Missions by W.E. Vine: This book is most helpful because of its clarity and simplicity in stating what God expects His local church or house on earth to be. It will be a very practical addition to your library as it presents God's Divine plan concerning principles that are to govern the New Testament Church. $4.75

Through the Valley of the Shadow by Daniel C. Snaddon: The story of steaming Thailand jungles and churning rivers, of disease and hardships and the atrocities that were all too much a part of World War II. But the book is much more than that, bringing before us the constant presence of the Master Who is able to meet the needs of His own in every situation. $5.95

Living His Life by John William Bramhall: "Saved!" This is the most wonderful word to the heart of the newly-born believer in Christ, and this commentary endeavors to guide the believers way in this present world as God Himself reveals it in His holy Word. This book should be placed into the hands of all new converts and is most edifying for all. $4.00

Elijah and Elisha by August Van Ryn: This book from the pen of a truly gifted author is one of Mr. Van Ryn's best. The spiritual lessons unearthed from the lives of these Godly prophets will minister to, help and strengthen every child of God. $5.00

The Early Church by Donald Norbie: Rediscovering truth for the churches--a challenge for God's people to examine the Word afresh for directives for the conduct of His Work. $6.00
Quantities limited on these titles:
The Sin of Sectarianism by Andrew Stenhouse $6.00

The Kingdom of God and Heaven by August Van Ryn $4.00

The Epistle of John by August Van Ryn $4.95

His Appointments by August Van Ryn $4.00
In Leviticus 23, God gives to His children seven feasts, or "appointments"-- times of celebration where God would meet with Israel. Mr. Van Ryn shows in this series of lectures the real solid foundation in the Lord from Whom our real joy comes.

Ephesians by Harold St. John $2.50
An unfinished manuscript was found among the papers of the late Harold St. John which contained an introduction to Ephesians and an exposition of the first two chapters. We have printed it for your edification in that it contains a strong condemnation of the erroneous doctrine that teaches the sovereignty of God to the exclusion of man's free will.

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