Do You Ask Why?

Why is it that some folks, who are other-wise quite intelligent, insist on giving out and mailing out these gospel leaflets to everybody?

Perhaps this question can best be answered with an illustration.

Let us look briefly at the questions asked by Mr. Average Mann, as he stands before the Judgment bar of Almighty God. We'll just call him Av for short.

'I dont think you have been fair to me," he said. "WHY didn't you warn me about this place of torment, to which you are sending me?"

"I DID warn you. I sent my only Son from Heaven to earth and He warned you dozens of times; in no uncertain terms."

"But I was not even living then," Av protested.

"His warnings are all recorded in My Book. They are there for everyone in every generation to read. Did you expect Me to read them to you?"

"No, I can read: but never found time to read the Bible. Our preacher never warned us about hell; so he evidently did not beileve in it."

"Because he was a false teacher, and going there himself. I did try to warn you with evangelists on radio and TV, but you would turn to some other station."

"WHY didn't you warn me in some other way?" he asked.

"I DID. Come here Carter. Didn't you sent leaflets to this man January 7, to remind him of his great need?"

"Yes, Lord, I did."

"Did you read them?"

"Yes," replied Av "but I didn't take them very seriously."

"That's too bad! For it was your last warning!"

"But WHY?" he asked in desperation, "WHY didn't you provide some remedy for this situation, so that people would not have to be sent to this place of torment?"

"I DID provide a remedy, but you ignored it. For when My Son came into this world, He provided the complete remedy for your need. On the cross He laid down His life as the one supreme sacrifice for the sins of the world. His precious blood has the power to wash away the sins of anyone on earth who will put their trust in Him.

"Had you believed the Lord Jesus: had you put your trust in His sacrifice for you and received Him as your Saviour; He would have forgiven all your sins and given you ETEHNAL LIFE. 'For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life' (John 3:16). This was all the remedy you needed. Now tell me WHY you did not accept it."

"And he was speechless" (Matt. 22:12).

He says, "MANY will say to Me in that Day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Thy name? and in Thy name have cast out devils? and in Thy name done many wonderful WORKS? And then will I profess unto them, I NEVER knew you: depart from Me, ye that work iniquity" (Matt. 7:22-23).

C. D. Carter