A Loving Appeal

SAINTS OF JESUS! why divided?
Christ is not divided so;
Surely all should be together,
who the same Redeemer know.

By the same blood-shedding purchased,
Destined to the same bright home -
Why on earth divided? Jesus
Bids you all together come.

SAINTS OF JESUS! break the barriers
Man has reared on every side;
Make a living Christ the center -
Gather to the Crucified;

Let not sects and parties longer
Separate the "flock of God";
Jesus died in one to gather
All the scattered ones abroad.

SAINTS OF JESUS! living union
Flows but from the Living Head;
Saints, alas! are ever making
Union in the flesh instead.

Such a union Scripture knows not
Such, its pages must disown;
God the Spirit draws to Jesus,
Him exalts, and Him alone.

SAINTS OF JESUS! what a witness
For the Saviour we should be
Were we all around Him gathered
In the "Spirit's unity."

What a sight for man to look on!
What a truth it would proclaim!
What a glory it would gather
To our blessed Saviour's name!

SAINTS OF JESUS! soon our Master
Whom we love, from heaven will come,
And with happy shouts of triumph,
Bear us to our blissful home;

Then the cross exchanged for glory,
Service, for the bright reward;
Then - oh! blessed hope! we shall be
ONE, "for ever with the Lord."

By an aged disciple on the verge of glory
L. A. Steen