"It Was His Whole Life"

A few months ago, a San Francisco newspaper reported a strange scene at a cemetery in that city. A young man, killed in a motor cycle accident, was buried. That in itself is not so uncommon but the fact that the motorcycle he was riding when he was killed was buried with him was highly unusual.

His mother, sobbing, explained, "It was his whole life!".

How tragic to have a whole life wrapped up in a motorcycle! Yet, in pondering this situation, if this practice were followed widely, what a strange assortment of burial pieces our cemeteries would hold! One would be buried with his stocks and bonds. another would be buried with fanciful items of sensual pleasure. Another's grave would be the bearer of golf clubs, fishing poles, and hunting rifles. Another would have season tickets to all the baseball, football and basketball games. For others, it would be their house, car or boat. We wonder how many copies of the Bible would be buried.

If you were buried with that which meant the most to you during this life, what would it be? What is YOUR WHOLE LIFE? Perhaps, we need to sit down and have a serious look at what constitutes our whole life? The apostle Paul said, "For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain." (Phil. 1:21) whatever constitutes one's "whole life" is in reality that person's "god".

The word enthusiasm comes from two words - "en" = in and "theos" = god. So, enthusiasm literally means "the god in you".

The tragedy of our day is that so many are captivated by gods that are not real gods. They are the fabrications of man's genius - but when man'e little life is over, these gods fail. These are the gods of men - but there is a God of man. He is a LIVING GOD! He is ALL POWERFUL!

You could not bury Him in a grave if you tried. He is SPIRIT. He is ETERNAL. He is in HEAVEN.

When death comes, the body of the Christian goes to the grave - the soul goes to Heaven, to be with Christ.

Paul says in 2 Cor. 5:8 " . . . . absent from the body - present with the Lord."

It is good to know a Saviour, a God who is not buried with a dead body in a cemetery - but WHO takes those who know Him as Saviour to be with Himself in Heaven.

No life is really "WHOLE" unless christ is known as one's personal Saviour. Nor a hole in the ground - but a HOME in HEAVEN.

Submitted by - Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Judy, Atlanta, Ga.
Comments by - Leonard E. Lindsted