Lewis was a boy about eleven years old. He had many brothers and a sister. They were very poor and all lived together in a little three room house. Lewis was not very old, but he had to work when he found odd jobs. He was a good worker and one man for whom he worked grew to love him very much.

But Lewis knew nothing about the Lord. No one had ever told him about the Lord Jesus, so how could he know?

One day some Christians came to the town where Lewis lived. They told about God’s love for us and how he wants to save us from sin. They told how God gave his only son, the Lord Jesus, to die on the Cross to pay for our sin and how He wants boys and girls to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ so He can take the sin out of their hearts and can go to Heaven.

Lewis and his brothers and sister came to the meetings night after night. One night his heart was troubled. He was sitting there listening as the preacher told of beautiful Heaven and that terrible place called Hell.

He knew that he was a sinner for the preacher told that God had said, "All have sinned." Sinners cannot go to Heaven. Lewis wanted to go to Heaven.

After the meeting Lewis came to the preacher and said, "I don’t want this sin. I want to be saved so I can go to Heaven." Right there Lewis received Christ as his personal Savior and went home with joy in his heart because Jesus had washed his sins away. He knew he could go to Heaven.

Lewis always had a happy smile on his face. He was well and strong and liked to work.

The warm days of summer came and all the boys went swimming in a lake not far from town. Lewis wanted a swimming suit so he could go swimming too. At the end of one week of hard work he had earned

$1.50. He spent $1.35 for a swimming suit. How happy he was! He was so proud of it that he slept in it that night.

"Can you go to the pond, Lewis?" the boys asked the next day.

"Yep, I don’t have to work this afternoon," he called back happily.

That afternoon three boys ran to the pond. They were having a good time in the water when suddenly something happened. Lewis was sinking! He came up, and then went down again. This time he didn’t come up. The other boys tried to help him but they weren’t strong enough to take him out of the water. They ran to town for help. Help came – but too late. Lewis had drowned.

How sad his death made the family. His little friends and playmates were sad. His special pals were sad.

We all still miss Lewis. But we can be glad of one thing – Lewis went to Heaven. He belonged to the Lord Jesus

Christ and it pleased God to take him up to Heaven to live.

Aren’t you glad that Lewis had trusted the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior? Suppose Lewis had put off trusting Christ as his Savior. Wouldn’t we all be sad about that?

God’s Word says, "Behold, NOW is the accepted time; behold NOW is the day of salvation."

"Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shall be saved."

- Richard Burson