Hath - A Word for the Anxious

One of the most simple and precious words that every fell from the lips of the Lord Jesus is the word HATH. It has carried blessing to thousands of anxious, sin-burdened souls. and yet, though it is so simple and so assuring, there are still thousands who have read it again and again, and somehow or other they have managed to spell it wrongly, or entirely misunderstand its meaning.

Now, my reader, if you are anxious about your soul, I want you to take your Bible and turn to John 6:47. Jesus is there speaking and says, "Verily, verily, I say unto you."

Now mark, He is speaking to YOU; not someone else, but yourself. It is very personal, so do not apply it to anyone but yourself. "He that believeth on me HATH everlasting life." HATH! HATH!

"Tell me now, what does it mean?" "Why, it means the person has got it."

"Then it does not mean they hope to get it? HATH does not spell hope, I suppose?"

"Of course not. It means just what it says, that 'he that believeth hath everlasting life," and there is no hoping about it."

"Who is it that hath it?"

"Why 'he that believeth.'"

"Then it is not 'he that feeleth?'"


"Nor he that prayeth?"


"Nor he that tries to do better?"

"No; certainly not. I am surprised at you asking such questions."

"Well", who is it that 'hath everlasting life?'"

"He that believeth."

"And who says he has it?"

"The Lord Himself."

"Then allow me to ask you, have you got it?"

"Well, I must confess I do not feel that I have."

"But you said just now, it is not he that feeleth, but he that believeth."

"Well, that is very true; but I am afraid I might be deceiving myself, and tell a lie."

"But who is it that saith, "He that believeth on me hath everlasting life?" Is it not the Saviour Himself?"

"Certainly it is."

"Then do you believe on Him?"

"Yes, I am sure I do."

"Then does He not say that you have everlasting life"

"Yes, He does say so."

"Then there can be no telling lies if He says you have it. You only take Him at His word, and 'set to your seal that he is true'; and the greatest honor you can put upon Him is to trust His word, while you dishonor Him if you doubt it and make Him a liar (I John 5:10).

"Blessed be His name, He saw us guilty, ruined, and lost, and came down in love, and died for us. He did not make light of our sins, but took them all on Himself, and died for them. 'He bore our sins in His own body on the tree' (I Peter 2:24). And now, as risen from the grave, He gives us eternal life as the fruit of His work, and makes the believer sure about it by saying, He that believeth on me HATH everlasting life.' and 'heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away' (Matt 24:35).

"Now do not think it is HOPE, but make sure about it. HATH! HATH!

Believe it; rejoice in it; thank Him for it; and tell others about that simple and blessed word HATH."

- W.E.